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Die Valuable-solution of DIMQ

DIMQ has developed a "Best Practice" solution for the creation of FI data in SAP thanks to the longstanding experience with Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchange. The solution illustrates a typical posting engine in Informatica PowerCenter.

dimqFIHUB is a solution for the standardisation and processing of data for the creation of FI-documents for SAP FI incl. a document trace and recording of the inference rules based on e.g. premium, claims and bank statements.

Performance characteristics:

  • Architecture with 3 layers
  • standardised input layer incl. input process
  • reusable transformation layer and transformation process
  • reusable output layer and output process incl. connection to SAP FI
  • Generation of SAP FI-documents
  • Derivation of posting keys
  • Derivation of the account number through parameterisable, reusable transformation rules
  • Integration of single- and double source data sets
  • Cost centres
  • Cost centre division based on parameterisable transformation rules
  • Resolution of the 1 Ct. difficulty in rounding errors
  • Handling of the system boundary of 999 Posting Lines via FI-document
  • and others